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Farewell From My Students: “You Always Laugh Us”

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I taught my last class today at Henan University of Technology. Finals are next week and then I’m off to Hong Kong, where I’ll spend four days before flying home on June 15.

I received many farewell notes, letters and videos from my students. Saying goodbye was an emotional experience for all of us. Over the past 10 months we’ve shared a lot of ups and downs and developed a bond that goes well beyond the normal student-teacher relationship.

Here are a few of my students’ parting words:

Hope you have happy forever!

You are my funny teacher. You always laugh us.

Don’t forget us! We don’t forget you!

We love you! You make us enjoy to learn English.

I want visit you in U.S. Can show me Statue Libirty?


One student wrote me a letter that I found very moving:

Dear Rick,

We learned with you for a year. I feel very lucky. Thank you very much! Because you are my first foreign teacher so I was nervous, afraid of saying something wrong, and dare not speak actively. In fact most people in our class are like this. But now, we wouldn’t because of you. From you, we slowly learned to use a diffierent way of thinking to think. At the same time, we also feel some of your local customs and pratices. Most of all, broaden our horizon. In class, you are patience, humor and positive although we aren’t very coordination.

This year has been very fast. We are a little sad that you will go home. We are accustomed to your presence, but also happy for you and your family stay together. Words not say more. We welcome you to China again.




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  1. That’s better than any pick 6

  2. Rick – You will have made your impact on these young people. I know they will never forget you, and that what you have taught them will stay with them. What a wonderful gift to deliver so many thousand miles away. And I’m sure they have given you gifts as well. A true adventure, well done.

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