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Pesky Mosquitoes Circle Like Vultures, Turn Skin Into Mass of Itchy Bumps

May 26, 2014

It’s mosquito season in Zhengzhou, which means a never-ending battle to keep the pesky insects from turning you into a mass of itchy bumps. We’ve got mosquitoes back in New Jersey, but not like the ones here. Chinese mosquitoes seem to be made of indestructible material that makes it almost impossible to repel or kill… Read More ›

Residents of Smog-Choked Zhengzhou Line Up to Suck Clean Air From Bags

Here’s how bad the air pollution is in Zhengzhou: Last weekend, residents lined up for the chance to inhale fresh air from 20 blue bags that were shipped to the city as part of a tourism promotion. A travel agency sent the bags filled with air from Laojun Mountain, about 120 miles from Zhengzhou. The… Read More ›

Smoking Ban Will Be Hard to Enforce in Top Tobacco Country

China is planning to ban smoking in indoor public places by the end of the year, a law that will be hard to enforce in a country that is the world’s largest tobacco producer and consumer. Local attempts to implement public-smoking bans have been largely unsuccessful. Smoking is still commonplace in restaurants, bars, office buildings,… Read More ›

Lantern Festival Fireworks Canceled Because of Heavy Smog

The Lantern Festival, which marks the end of the 15-day Chinese New Year celebration, usually features public fireworks displays. In a sign of the times, however, Beijing and other Chinese cities canceled their events Friday because of heavy smog caused by air pollution. Experts say fireworks can worsen smog, especially during bad weather. The Xinhua… Read More ›

Feels Strange To Drink Tap Water, Drive Car Again

I’ve been home for two weeks now after spending five months in China, and I’m still readjusting to life in the U.S. It feels strange driving a car, drinking tap water and sleeping on a bed that doesn’t feel like concrete — all things that I never did in China. It took a couple of days… Read More ›

Getting a Dose of Reality in Dirty Zhengzhou

After spending two weeks visiting some of China’s most beautiful and historic sites, Pat is getting a dose of reality in Zhengzhou. Zhengzhou is the traffic-snarled, dust-covered, smog-filled capital of one of China’s poorest provinces. It’s also where I’m teaching English for 10 months at Henan University of Technology. During our three days here, we’ve… Read More ›

China Chokes on Dirty, Smoggy Air

When I walked to my office today, I couldn’t see the building until I was almost at the front door. My eyesight isn’t the greatest, but that wasn’t the problem. It was Zhengzhou’s dreadful air pollution. Today was the worst I’ve seen so far. A thick layer of grimy smog blanketed the city, cutting visibility… Read More ›

Filthy Air About to Get Even Filthier

Zhengzhou, like most major Chinese cities, has a severe air-pollution problem. And it’s about to get worse. I’ve gotten used to the heavy smog and dirty air since arriving here in late August, though I haven’t had to use the breathing masks I brought with me as a safeguard. That may be about to change…. Read More ›