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Don’t Mess With the Kung Fu Kid

June 1, 2014

Here’s some video of the Children’s Day I wrote about in my last post. I wouldn’t mess with the Kung Fu Kid.

Videos of Chinese Orphans, College Sports

I haven’t posted any videos in a long time, mostly because it takes forever to load them with my sluggish Chinese Internet connection. But here are a couple — one from my visit to the Swallow’s Nest orphanage and another from the sports meet at Henan University of Technology.

Listening to Ear-Shattering Grindcore, Lame Karaoke

From karaoke to grindcore, I experienced the extremes of Chinese music yesterday. I started out by visiting a KTV (Karaoke Television) club with a Chinese student I know and seven of her friends. KTVs are popular hangouts where you rent a room with karaoke equipment and sing along with music videos that play on a… Read More ›

Worshipful Students Treat Teacher Like Brad Pitt

Sometimes I feel like a rock star over here. When I first visited China 25 years ago, people stared at me as if I were a Martian. Foreigners are no longer considered so exotic but, especially in non-tourist cities like Zhengzhou, we’re still unusual enough to get special treatment. At my university, students are fascinated… Read More ›

Broadway, Carnegie Hall Come to Henan University

On Friday night, I attended the annual variety show that upperclassmen at Henan University of Technology perform for the freshmen. It included singing, dancing, comedy and dramatic skits, classical music and a fashion show, all introduced by formally attired male and female hosts. It was like a combination of a Broadway musical, “The Ed Sullivan… Read More ›

Dogs, Dancing and Fireworks in Zhengzhou

More videos from Zhengzhou, including a fireworks display, a Golden Retriever, a dancing group and a student loudly practicing his English in public.

Videos: Tai Chi, Military Drills, Hoopsters, Blowing Kisses

Here are some videos I’ve shot in Zhengzhou. Note the obvious influence of Fellini, Bergman, Hitchcock and Scorsese, not to mention “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” Among my subjects: a man doing tai chi with a sword, college freshmen doing military exercises, kids singing and dancing in Erqi Square, street food vendors skewering octopus and lamb,… Read More ›