A Jersey Guy's Excellent Adventure in China

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Discovering Buddhaland, Headless Statues, “Auld Lang Syne” in China

    After living in Henan Province for almost seven months, I finally got around to visiting one of the region’s biggest attractions: the Longmen Caves near Luoyang, capital of 13 Chinese dynasties. Located about 85 miles west of Zhengzhou, the grottoes are a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring ancient Buddhist rock carvings. Lining both… Read More ›

Monk’s 16-Year Odyssey Ended at Wild Goose Pagoda

I was feeling a little travel weary until I read about Xuanzang, a 7th-century Chinese monk who went on a 16-year, 100-plus country pilgrimage and returned home with one of the greatest collections of Buddhist scriptures in history. I learned more about Xuanzang at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi’an, part of the Da… Read More ›

So What’s the Meaning of “Brokenback Mountain”?

When I came to China, I thought my days as a movie critic were over. I was wrong. Yesterday, my teaching colleague Darren and I were judges in a movie-dubbing contest. Eleven students showed clips from a favorite film and dubbed the scenes in English with their own voices. Darren and I were part of… Read More ›

Expats Bars Told to Stop Serving Foreigners

Target Pub, a popular watering hole for expats in Zhengzhou, is closed. And nobody’s quite sure why. I’ve heard myriad explanations: The owner got tired of paying bribes to local officials. It was shut down after a drunken Irishman was caught climbing a wall into a nearby government building. The closing was part of a… Read More ›